Giftcards, wallets, groceries check...

The mobile wallet
for your customers with the
payment methods
of your business!


Fielopolis is a perfectly orchestrated set of tools to implement, support and develop customer loyalty strategies.

It offers tools to support and manage incentive or benefit schemes.

A platform for pre-charged private wallets with cash and services, supported by physical or virtual cards. The virtual cards are stored on Android or iPhone mobile devices and they use ready-to-use secure QR codes.

All our solutions are offered in the AWS cloud with the strictest of security standards to support any scale or level of service our customer may need.

Fielopolis Foundation offers the following functions:

Customer administration

Function required to manage information of company target groups, customers, salesforce, channels, decision-makers. The module can access an external CRM already available in the company, and update information, synchronized with the Fielopolis platforms.

Segment builder

Tool to establish sets of target individuals within the customer universe for subsequent use as a unit on the Fielopolis platforms.

User and profile administrator

Function allowing parameter to be set for any option or platform, assigning it a specific profile or user.

Batch processing automator

Tool to automatize regular processes required to operate Fielopolis platforms

Pre-defined reports and subscription to automatically delivered reports

Fielopolis platform have over 100 reports designed to monitor and administer information. Corporate users can also subscribe to each report for automatic execution to subscribers, delivered to your email in you preferred format.